Police: Passengers assault, rob Uber driver in Rainier Beach

SEATTLE — An Uber driver is allegedly assaulted and robbed by her passengers in Rainier Beach.

It’s the latest attack on rideshare drivers in Western Washington.

Seattle Police were called to a nearby apartment complex in the 9000 block of Seward Park Avenue at about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

It’s where a 37-year-old woman, who is an Uber driver, was able to find someone to help her make a 911 call after the incident.

The woman says she was picking up riders at the Atlantic City Boat Ramp. She told police there were three women, one man, and a toddler.

Police say the driver told the passengers she could not complete the trip because she did not have a car seat in the vehicle for the child.

The woman said when she tried to cancel the ride, an argument started. Police say the male passenger punched the driver in the head and hit her with a piece of driftwood.

The driver was allegedly knocked to the ground and beaten by the rest of the group.

It’s an attack that’s left rideshare drivers on edge.

‘This is crazy, this is very bad,” said Ahmed Mumin, who is the Executive Director for the Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association.

Mumin told KIRO 7 the attacks on rideshares have gotten out of hand.

“It takes away the trust from us, you know, with the riders. It seems like the riders are not being held accountable,” Mumin said.

Police are searching for the suspects. They say the four adults, with one toddler, split up toward a nearby park.

If you have any information, call Seattle Police.