Police capture pit bull that attacked Shih Tzu in Renton

Police capture pit bull that attacked Shih Tzu in Renton

Photo Credit: Renton Police Department Facebook Page.

RENTON, Wash. — A pit bull terrier was captured and subdued by officers with the Renton Police Department last weekend.

Officers said they were alerted to the incident around 11 a.m. Saturday near the Highlands Community Center.

“In order to stop the attack one officer jumped onto the pit bull, placed it into a choke hold and was able to release the smaller dog,” Renton Police wrote in a news release.

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Firefighters with the Renton Fire Authority attempted to treat the Shih Tzu at the scene, but were unsuccessful.

Police said the Shih Tzu was being walked on a leash when it was attacked by the pit bull that escaped its yard by going under the fence of a nearby residence.

The pit bull was uninjured and was impounded by officers.

Police said it is currently being processed under the city’s Dangerous Dog Ordinance and said it’s owners are also facing criminal charges stemming from the attack.

The incident is the second pit bull attack in Renton in the last two weeks.

On April 24, another dog was attacked by a pit bull that was secured by a leash in a yard and police are still investigating.

The dog that was attacked survived, but police said it required extensive veterinary treatment.

“It is unlawful to knowingly keep a dangerous dog in Renton. The Renton Police Department reminds all dog owners that it is their responsibility to make sure their dogs are secured. Violations may result in the owner being held criminally responsible,” Renton police said.

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