Police arrest suspect in Belltown bus crash that killed one, injured several others

SEATTLE — Police have arrested a suspect in a crash between a Metro bus and a car that killed a woman and hurt several others.

The incident happened on Saturday in downtown Seattle when a red sedan hit a Metro bus, which then crashed through a building.

“I noticed, oh gosh that’s right on. I walk on that corner most days. It’s about the time I would have been there,” said Molly Callison, who walks that route every day.

A 28-year-old woman who was walking on the sidewalk was hit and killed. Police said 31-year-old Adam Abelson was behind that car’s wheel.

“There was one woman who came running across the street semi-hysterical and she tried to you know get the window open, it was stuck shut,” said Diana, who lives in the building the bus crashed into. “I saw the bus smashed into the side of the building and the kind of dark reddish car just crunched. It’s a horrible thing to witness.”

During the investigation into the collision, Seattle police found evidence that drugs may have been used in the sedan. Police got a warrant to draw blood from the driver as part of a DUI investigation.

Abelson was arrested for investigation of vehicular homicide.

He will be booked into the King County Jail once he is medically cleared from Harborview Medical Center, where he was in critical condition following the crash.

Court documents stemming from a July incident show Abelson is accused of fleeing from police at high speeds on downtown streets. Those same documents outline over 19 separate convictions spanning hit and run to nearly a dozen stealing convictions. Per the documents, there have been over 50 active warrants out for his arrest over the years.

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