Pierce County sheriff on list of officers with credibility issues

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer was placed on a list of law enforcement with credibility issues.

That list -- commonly referred to as the ‘Brady List’ -- is turned over to defense attorneys during court and could impact his ability to be called as a witness or expert.

The list comes from a U.S. Supreme Court case in 1963, which determined prosecutors have to disclose all information that could determine guilt or punishment -- and extends to disclosing any evidence that could impeach the officers called as witnesses due to being part of the prosecution.

Troyer was recently charged with misdemeanors over a January incident where he called 911 on a Black newspaper carrier.

Troyer accused Sedrick Altheimer of threatening his life.

Tacoma police claim Troyer later walked that accusation back; however, Troyer maintains he was threatened.

Altheimer is suing the sheriff and the county, claiming his civil rights were violated.