Pierce County Humane Society asking for help after 13 puppies rescued in 48 hours

TACOMA, Wash. — The Tacoma and Pierce County Humane Society is asking for help after it received 13 puppies in 48 hours, all of them were abandoned and some were very weak.

“We had a lot of puppies come into our shelter within 48 hours,” said Humane Society Spokesperson Lindsey Heaney. “On Saturday we had Pierce County Animal control bring in seven-week-old mixed breed puppies, and this was after being found in a duffle bag outside.”

Less than 24-hours later, two adorable 10-week-old German shepherds were dropped off.

“They arrived as strays and they were brought to us after being dumped on a property,” Heaney said. “A concerned citizen found them and brought them to us.”

Another four puppies came in on Sunday.

“A delivery driver found some neglected doodle mixes, and the puppies were in a cardboard box in the bushes,” said Heaney.

Although most of the puppies are healthy, four of them are being closely monitored.

The two German Shepherds are already up for adoption here and here, Heaney says the rest should be available by this weekend.

The Humane Society says this isn’t the first time they’ve received this many animals in a short period of time.

“Earlier this year we had over 240 rabbits come in within about 24 hours,” said Heaney.

The organization says they don’t turn any animals away, and if you are interested in adopting, now is a great time.

“You’re not only changing the animal’s life, you’re also changing your own,” said Heaney.

The Humane Society is asking for support to care for the 13 abandoned dogs it recently took in.

“Our compassionate intake team carefully examined each sweet puppy for injury and illnesses while providing flea and tick preventatives, vaccines, and dewormer to prevent potentially deadly diseases,” said the shelter. “Currently, four of the puppies are in isolated kennels as we work to rule out potential infections like parvo and giardia that may be causing their weakness.”

To donate, go here.

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