PETA activists superglue themselves to counter at Seattle Starbucks headquarters

A woman super-glued herself to the service counter at the Starbucks cafe for the company’s Seattle headquarters on Wednesday morning, as part of a PETA protest against surcharges for vegan alternatives to milk products.

Customers left the building after protesters arrived, with Seattle police arriving around 11 a.m. Around that time, law enforcement began attempts to dissolve the glue, before a livestream filmed by the woman ended with her hand being removed from the counter roughly an hour later.

“Starbucks’ Earth Day promotions are nothing but hot air if it’s still charging extra for Earth- and animal-friendly vegan options,” wrote PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in a news release. “PETA will stick to Starbucks like glue until it agrees to drop the vegan upcharge.”

Seattle police tell KIRO Newsradio that they “are not aware of any arrests at this time.”

This is a developing story — we will provide more information as it becomes available


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