Owner of vandalized taproom believes business was targeted ahead of ‘Drag Queen Story Time’

RENTON, Wash. — The Brewmaster’s Taproom in Renton was vandalized on Wednesday afternoon. Renton police said someone fired a pellet or BB gun at its window.

The owner, Marley Rall, said she believes her business was targeted ahead of the “Drag Queen Story Time” event scheduled for this weekend.

“That’s the only thing I can connect it to, is that somebody is that hurt and upset about whatever is going on in their life that they chose to take it out on us about this,” Rall said.

The event is held monthly and Sarah Oliver brings her two boys, Cooper and Smith, to the event each month.

“We’ve really enjoyed it, and we come each time, and we keep coming back, and I think everybody else should too,” Oliver said. She said she and her husband feel it’s important to bring her boys to the event to learn and interact with others.

“In Washington, we’re all inclusive, that’s really important. We want our kids to understand that you can be whoever you want to be,” she said.

The event is usually held outdoors on the patio, but Rall said because they’re expecting protesters and counter-protesters, they’re going to move things indoors for the kids.

“They don’t need to hear what people are going to be saying, and Sylvie and I have been talking about how to best handle things, so she’s going to bring some songs and have a singalong if it does get loud outside,” said Rall.

Renton Police Department officials said they will dispatch extra resources to the taproom for Saturday’s event.