Owner of ransacked Ballard bridal shop estimates loss of more than $100,000

SEATTLE — Madison Leiren, owner of Leiren Designs, says her wedding shop in Ballard was ransacked Thursday morning.

“Pulled out my keys like any normal day, and went to unlock the door, and the lock was gone,” said Leiren.

As of Friday morning, she said police have not stopped by. Leiren called police on Friday morning once again and could not be reassured if and when police would stop by.

“My whole desk area has been rummaged through, things have been moved and taken. They left (a) hammer here, which I’m sure has some fingerprints on it if they weren’t wearing gloves,” said Leiren.

Leiren said the thieves made off with about 20 dresses. She believes her store was targeted.

“It seemed pretty thought out — pretty premeditated if you will. They even came in and turned off all my breakers in case there was like a security system or an alarm system or something,” said Leiren.

She estimates the crime cost her over $100,000.

“Dresses (costing) anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000 (were stolen), so we don’t have a final number right now, but there were about 20-ish dresses stolen,” said Leiren.

Leiren said she doesn’t want to move anything until police come and take a report.

“I filed a report. We tried calling 911 and they would put us through to the non-emergency line. We spent probably about three hours on hold (Thursday),” said Leiren.

For now, Leiren said she’s going to install a new security system and move the dresses to a different location; but even with all those measures, she said the burglary is still a major loss for her clients.

“Honestly, I feel like I let the brides down, they are my number one concern. I do this, I love my job, this is my dream job,” said Leiren.