Owner of Federal Way hardware store accuses city council candidate of shoplifting

The owner of a Federal Way hardware store accuses a city council candidate of shoplifting and says he has video evidence.  The person accused, Denise Yun who’s running for Council Position 7.  The store’s owner, Nick Rose, said he was even more incensed after learning about the candidate, and her platform.

“She said she wants to protect the small business from vandalism and theft, and she turns around and does the same thing?” Rose said.

He’s referencing Yun’s campaign website, where the homepage reads, “In this post-covid economy, small businesses need to be able to focus on surviving and thriving, not worrying about vandalism and theft.” Rose said, Tuesday, his store cameras caught footage of who he said was Yun as she shopped.

“She told both of my associates that she was running,” said Rose.

Rose said the footage shows she filled her cart with about $80 worth of the wooden stakes and cleared out the store. She then allegedly gave her phone number to employees to call her when they get more. What happened next surprised everyone. The video shows the woman grabbing three hammers, then placing them on her purse and walking around the corner.

“He just radioed to me saying he thought she put something in her purse,” Rose said.

Rose then met the woman at the checkout aisle.

“I wanted to be able to walk by her to see if I could look in the purse. I saw a little gap and I saw a shiny wooden handle, like a hammer,” said Rose.

The video shows him reaching into her purse and grabbing one hammer. At that point, the woman abandons her cart, grabs her purse, and storms out. Rose said she also took those two other hammers with her. Then an employee remembered the woman gave them her number.

”I cross referenced the phone number and that picture popped up of her and I brought both associates over and said, ‘Is this the one you helped?’ and they said ‘Yes’,” said Rose.

KIRO 7 spoke to Denise Yun, who refused several interview requests. She also wouldn’t confirm or deny the accusation.

“I have to send a message, it’s not easy to steal from my store. Don’t come back. I will go after you,” Rose said.

The store filed a police report related to the incident. KIRO 7 reached out to the investigator who said he needed more time to assess the evidence and speak to the accused.

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