Olympia mayor’s home vandalized during Friday night protests

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A person was caught on camera vandalizing Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby’s home Friday night.

"It's pretty traumatic when somebody comes to your home,” said Selby.

Selby sent KIRO 7 video taken from a camera on her front porch.

The person is seen on video spray painting "BLM" on the front of Selby’s home, tagging the front door with the word "racist" and writing the word "abolish" in bold, black lettering.

"It was kind of ironic to see her struggle to find space on the wall next to my pride flag and my other Black Lives Matter poster, but she found room,” said Selby.

The vandal likely wasn't alone. Olympia police said 80 to 100 protesters gathered Friday night in downtown Olympia.

Protesters walked to Capitol Campus and then to the South Capitol Neighborhood, which is where the mayor lives. Selby wasn't home, but said her front yard and road were also tagged.

Friday night wasn’t the first time she’s been targeted. Selby installed a security camera after Mayday protesters came to her home in 2018.

"Everybody is struggling and grasping at, you know, who can they hold accountable? And who can they focus a lot of their anger and aguish at,” said Selby.

After stopping by the mayor's home, police said the group headed down Capitol Way and did more damage.

"We were watching the protesters and, right behind us, we heard the window break, turned around saw people trying to kick it in more, break it,” said Lillyanna Strasbaugh, Olympia resident.

Monday crews cleaned and power washed buildings in downtown Olympia. Messages that read: "free them all," "black lives matter” and "abolish OPD” were still visible downtown.

Officers said protesters also broke windows, threw road signs and flower pots into the road and set an American flag on fire.

"I want to work with everybody and we're going to need everybody to make the change that they want,” said Selby.

Olympia police said Friday night’s demonstration lead to the most property damage they’d seen since protests began more than two weeks ago.

Tuesday Olympia City Council will hold a meeting to address police policy changes, including the use of tear gas.