• Officers round up German shepherds that 'terrorized' town

    By: Shelby Miller


    A pack of German shepherds that Mossyrock residents said terrorized their small community are now in the hands of Lewis County Animal Control.

    “It’s been an ordeal for the whole neighborhood,” said Sue Engle. 

    Engle is relieved the dogs were taken away safely. She lives across the street from the owner and has dealt with the noise and fear for more than a year. 

    She said the animals attacked her own dog. 

    “About three of them came across the road and they just got ahold of her and they just ripped her open. She had a gash by her eye and a gash down the back of her,” said Engle. 

    Danette York, who is the Lewis County director of Public Health and Social Service in Lewis County, said neighbors have been on edge because the dogs often roam the small town in packs.

    “Some of the German shepherds have killed neighboring livestock -- I know for sure, chickens. I believe there was a cat incident and then we have them chasing horses as well,” she said.

    On Tuesday, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office served an abatement warrant, which allowed deputies to go to Jacob Hadaller’s home in Mossyrock and take his 18 German shepherds.

    Deputies said they’re familiar with the owner.

    “We were out here serving a search warrant in recent months for controlled substance violations,” said Special Services Chief Dusty Breen.

    Neighbors feel bad for the dogs.

    “Sometimes when I go out on the front porch, I can hear them and I think, 'Gosh, I hope they’re OK.' They just kind of howl,” said Engle.

    York said investigators haven’t seen signs of animal neglect or abuse.

    “They will come up to you. You can pet them, but they are very, very fearful. They’ve probably never had a leash on. They’ve probably never been in a crate. So we’re having to be very careful with how we get them off the property,” she said.

    Many in Mossyrock feel this is the best outcome for everyone, including the dogs.

    “I just don’t think that the dogs are getting the kind of care they need themselves,” said Engle.

    The German shepherds are being held at the Lewis County Animal Shelter. Workers there will care for them and socialize them, with the goal of finding them new homes. 

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