21 hurt when school buses crash in Renton

VIDEO: Elementary schools students hospitalized after school buses crash

RENTON, Wash. — Twenty-one students and a bus driver were injured after two school buses crashed in Renton.


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Seventeen Lakeridge Elementary School students were taken to hospitals and four others did not require hospitalization.

The crash occurred in the 2100 block of Southwest Sunset Boulevard about 9:30. a.m.  Friday.  Video from the scene showed that one bus appeared to have rear-ended the other.  One bus has a smashed-in rear end; the other bus' windshield was shattered.

Multiple aid cars and firefighters responded and emergency personnel set up a medical triage area for the students in a nearby apartment complex.

No one was seriously hurt, according to Renton firefighters.

The students were being picked up to go to school from two nearby apartment complexes.

Twelve children who were more seriously injured were transported to area hospitals by ambulance. Five others were taken to the hospital by their parents. Four other patients did not require hospitalization.

Parents rushed to the accident to find their children.

"I was sitting down in the seats and then bus 13 hit our bus and I flew over like two of the seats," said student Teashawn Richmond, 11.

Kindergartener Christian Allen said he hit his head on the seat in front of him.

"I'm thinking about how I never want to go on the bus forever again," said Christian Allen, 6. His mom was frantic trying to find him and his brother. She drove them to the doctor to get checked out.

The Washington State Patrol sent a vehicle inspector to examine the buses.

Renton Police are investigating the crash and so is the Renton School District. The drivers will meet with the district on Monday. The district will wait for the outcome of the police investigation before making any decisions about when the drivers will transport students again.

Renton School District officials say safety is a priority, all drivers go through training and they will be investigating what caused the crash.

It is not yet known how many students were on each bus, but the buses can hold up to 75 people and both were said to be full.

The students who were not injured in the crash were taken home after school on different buses. The district was ready to have some teachers ride with the, but it wasn't necessary.

The district said riding the bus is still the safest way for children to get to school and called the crash an "anomaly.”