Nisqually River flooding forcing evacuations, submerging homes

VIDEO: Nisqually River flooding forcing evacuations, submerging homes

NISQUALLY VALLEY, Wash. — Streets are swamped, homes are underwater and cars are completely submerged in the Nisqually Valley.

Floodwaters from the Nisqually River continued to rise Friday and they created dangerous conditions.

"This will take you away. You see that current? That current is stronger than you think you are,” said Cami Corcoran.

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Thurston County's water rescue team hauled out their emergency rescue boat, suited up and waded through floodwaters that were at least four feet tall to rescue people trapped inside their homes.

First responders aren't just saving people, they taking care of stranded pets, too.

“We had a number of puppies and dogs and some goats that we rescued,” said Sgt. Jason Casebolt, Dive Team Commander.

Thurston County used their armored SWAT vehicle to drive through water-covered roads.

KIRO 7 spotted people using boats to get around town.

"It's sad. People are losing their homes. There's homes right there, there's school down here, there are children who are losing their education, there are people who are devastated and losing lots of things they cannot replace,” said Corcoran.

Amanda Rischel's home is ruined.

"Couches are done, kitchen is done, appliances are done,” she said.

She watched from the road as her husband and friend carried out bags of their belongings.

Rischel never thought the flooding would be this bad. She's thankful her family got out in time.

"I'm not a crier, but I've definitely been crying. I haven't slept. My emotions are so just hardcore,” she said. "We just keep telling each other it's just a structure, it's just a home, we can rebuild, our home is with us."

According to Thurston County Emergency Management, the river will begin to recede around 9 p.m. Friday. Evacuations could last through Sunday.