New Seattle on-street parking rates go into effect Monday

SEATTLE — Parking rates will increase in several Seattle neighborhoods starting Monday, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

It is the first time on-street paid parking rates have been adjusted in the city this year. SDOT says it makes seasonal adjustments to parking rates and plans to analyze parking conditions again in the summer and fall.

Since parking activity has increased since last year, many paid parking areas will see a rate increase in the afternoon and evening. Paid parking rates will decrease or remain the same in the morning periods when rates already tend to be low.

Rates will change in most business districts, with the highest parking rate increase set at an additional $1 per hour.

On-street parking fees support the city’s general fund, which funds projects such as safety and mobility improvements and bike and pedestrian infrastructure upgrades, according to SDOT.

More information about the new parking rates, including an interactive map, is available on the SDOT website.