New pilot program will automatically ticket drivers blocking crosswalks, intersections

SEATTLE — Heads up, Seattle drivers! Starting in 2022, a new pilot program using traffic cameras will automatically ticket drivers blocking the road or illegally using transit lanes.

The cameras will automatically record the read license plates of vehicles illegally driving in bus lanes, blocking crosswalks or blocking intersections.

The program, run by the Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Police Department, chose eight locations to install these new cameras.

Some of the cameras are being installed at busy intersections and other will monitor bus lanes in five locations to stop people from illegally using bus lanes. The cameras are located in downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, Belltown, Pioneer Square and SR 99 - see a map here.

The first time someone is caught they will receive a warning letter and after that will receive a $75 ticket.

The locations were chosen for their history of ongoing violations.