New COVID-19 testing site brings convenience to Lumen Field

SEATTLE — A new testing site has been set up outside Lumen Field before the Seahawk games, allowing fans who don’t have proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test a last chance to enjoy the game.

Albertson’s and Safeway are behind the new site.

Director of Pharmacy Operations David Green said the rapid test is just as accurate as a PCR test.

“We’ve seen vaccinated people that just didn’t bring their card. We saw those that didn’t know about the rules in the area,” said Green.

The 20-minute rapid test costs $129, which caught some Seahawk fans off guard.

“Other than it was costing $130 that we didn’t know about, it’s been just fine,” said Chris Hernandez, who used the site before Thursday’s game.

Other fans said while costly, it’s not worth missing out on the game if that is their other ticket in.

“I’d rather pay this and go to the game,” said Leon Littlejohn. “The tickets were a lot more expensive.”

The site expects to offer COVID-19 vaccinations at the next Seahawks home game on Oct. 25.