New Columbia River exhibition to open at the Washington State History Museum

TACOMA, Wash. — On June 2, the Washington State History Museum will open a new exhibition “Big River: The Columbia’s Many Meanings.”

The exhibition is designed to tell the river’s story from the view of those who have traveled, worked, and lived along its waters.

A series of photographs, artwork, artifacts, and interactive elements will be used to tell the story.

“The exhibit illustrates many of the historic relationships that Northwesterners have had with the river, from time immemorial to the recent past,” said curator Katy Barber. “I hope visitors deepen their understanding of the river’s significance to us all and leave with a sense of reverence, hope, and investment in the future of the Big River.”

The narratives will focus on the significance of the Columbia River for the people of the Pacific Northwest.

The exhibition is open to all ages and will be open through October 27.

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