‘In the midst of the coronavirus, George Clooney comes through.’ Actor sends birthday wish to 100-year-old fan

When Rocky Friedman of Port Townsend gathered with his sisters last year to plan for their mother’s 100th birthday celebration on March 31, she serendipitously sent a one-sentence email.

“Don’t forget to invite Amal and George Clooney.”

Friedman said his mother, Miriam, “lives on her own, walks for exercise, reads voraciously, can tell you far more about professional sports than her son will ever know, and rocks my world with her unconditional love.”

Friedman, who owns the historic Rose Theatre in Port Townsend, wondered what was possible.

He shared the story Tuesday in an email to Rose Theatre supporters “because in the challenging times that we live, I think it will make you smile, and we all need that.”

Through a little research and four intermediaries, Friedman was encouraged to write to Clooney with his request.

“I asked if he would please consider writing a short congratulatory note to my mom on reaching this milestone. I emphasized - with less than subtlety - that at nearly 100 she was very likely his oldest fan. How could he refuse?”

He didn’t.

“Dear Miriam,” Clooney wrote. “They tell me you’re 100! I don’t believe it. Here’s hoping you have a fantastic birthday.”

Friedman shared a photo of his mother with the signed photo on her birthday.

“When I received the photograph from him that my mom is holding, and read the personal inscription, I couldn’t stop smiling. As my daughter said, ‘In the midst of the coronavirus George Clooney comes through.’”

“Thank you, George.”

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