Man spits on security guard during fight later tests positive for COVID-19, prosecutors say

SEATTLE — A man, who tested positive for coronavirus, was taken into custody after investigators said he spit on a security guard several times during a fight last week in West Seattle.

On April 16, investigators said officers responded to a report of a man fighting a security guard near a shopping center in the 2600 block of Southwest Barton Street.

Investigators said the security guard was monitoring the parking lot when he noticed a man acting strangely.

According to police, the security guard asked the man, who was later identified as Sorng Sun, to leave but he said he was shopping. The security guard then saw Sun start to rip up and throw paper and trash all over the ground.

Probable cause documents stated that the security guard pulled out his cellphone and started recording the Sun’s actions. Sun walked towards the security guard, pulled out a pocket knife and began threatening the security guard.

As investigators looked at the recorded video, the security guard backed away from Sun and told him to not get any closer.

According to police, Sun lunged forward and spit towards the security guard’s face. He continued to move towards the security while spitting on him.

Prosecutors said that Sun later tested positive for COVID-19.

“He was spitting at the victim in this case, and it is unknown if he knew he was infected with the virus,” prosecutors said.

The security guard told police he was spit on six to seven times.

According to probable cause, Sun allegedly pulled flowers from a planting box and them at the security guard and a fight ensued between the two.

Officers took Sun into custody and brought to the King County Jail, where investigators said he was medically declined. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he temporarily remained on hospital guard.

Sun was charged with second-degree assault.