Lynnwood wastewater plant agrees to shut down incinerator following ‘Notice of Violation’ from EPA

LYNNWOOD, Wash. — Lynnwood Mayor Christine Frizzell has reached an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that will shut down the city’s sewage incinerator at its wastewater treatment plant no later than May 31, 2024.

The impending shutdown comes after The EPA issued a “Notice of Violation” regarding operating limits, emissions limits, and stack testing requirements.

The shutdown also imposes a $550,259 penalty.

The city now plans to decommission the incinerator by the end of May 2024, before starting the several-year process of replacing it.

“The City of Lynnwood takes its environmental compliance responsibilities very seriously and has a longstanding commitment to the health and safety of our community,” Lynnwood Mayor Christine Frizzell said. “Our employees have fully cooperated with the EPA throughout this process and have exhibited their commitment to meeting these responsibilities time and time again,”

“None of these [violations] were due to operator error but were rather due to the failure of the SSI and scrubber equipment to perform as expected,” according to a Lynwood City spokesperson.

The EPA issued new regulations with stricter emissions limits back in 2016. These limits also require routine testing and monitoring of operating conditions.

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