Lynnwood Police catch burglar with possible link to group targeting North-and-South Sound families

Lynnwood Police have arrested a suspect they believe is linked to burglaries targeting families from Thurston to Snohomish counties.

The 23-year old man was arrested Tuesday and booked on several counts of residential burglary and theft.

Police believe he and several other people targeted Asian and South Asian Indian homeowners, stealing cash and jewelry from the homes. The suspects would target the victims at local Asian or Indian businesses.

Home surveillance video shows the man in a Lynnwood background checking for open doors and windows.

Once inside, another security camera picks up the man with a flashlight looking around, eventually going inside a door.

When police arrive, they find the back sliding door open and the shades pushed aside.

Lynnwood Police say the suspects are Central and South American nationals.

This most-recent arrest is the eighth arrest of suspects operating in the Puget Sound region in the past eight months.

To keep your family and belongings safe, police suggest installing alarms, camera systems and heavy safes secured to the floor.