Crews continuing to restore phone and internet service in Magnolia after extended outage

SEATTLE — Crews are continuing to restore phone and internet service to CenturyLink customers in parts of Magnolia, after an outage that was blamed on vandalism.

Copper wiring and fiber cables owned by the company, which is part of Lumen Technologies, were vandalized on the east side of the Magnolia bridge on Jan. 20, according to the company.

Part of the bridge was closed as a result of the vandalism.

The fiber cables were repaired and voice and internet services were restored for some customers in the Magnolia area by the morning of Jan. 22.

Utility crews were continuing to repair the copper wire damage and restore service to all customers, but the repaired wiring and cables were vandalized once again.

As of Friday, service was restored to more than 550 of the 1300 affected customers, but repairs are expected to take an additional two weeks to be completed.

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