• Louisiana fugitive arrested in Seattle

    By: Deborah Horne


    A fugitive from Louisiana, suspected of making threats against Louisiana State University, is in a King County Jail tonight.

    The woman was arrested in Seattle on a bus bound for Spokane.

    Thirty-six-year-old Amanda Charlene Sutherland walked quietly into the King County courtroom. Her appearance was in marked contrast to her demeanor on the scores of You Tube videos she has posted.

    "You guys threw me in a concentration camp where you tortured me for 15 months," she said into the camera.

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    Indeed, Sutherland served 15 months in a Louisiana jail for posting threats. Most are rambling attacks on those she feels have wronged her, including professors at Louisiana State University in Shreveport and Louisiana law enforcement.

    "You also kidnapped my children and gang sacked my house," she screamed, in one of the videos. 

    Later in the same video she added in a calmer voice,  "Okay, Alexander. So I get your house and whatever children you have. I get those."

    Her posts led LSU to beef up campus security. And students there were on edge.

    "I was scared," said Colista Woltz. "I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect."

    Sutherland tried several times to speak to King County District Court Judge Susan Mahoney. 

    "Ma'am," Mahoney said, "so you may not want to say very much right now."

    The judge initially refused to let Sutherland speak. But then she relented.  And when she did Sutherland accused the court of "abducting" her.  

    Then Sutherland asked for this: "Sanctuary, freedom from religious persecution, which is what it says.  I've committed no crime, ever. There's no evidence, no grounds for any crimes I've ever committed, ever."

    Something else unusual happened.  The King County prosecutor asked for bail to be set at $200,000. But the judge said the bail wasn't high enough, based on the warrant.  She set bail at a $500,000.
    Sutherland is expected back in court Thursday.

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