Local chef’s family speaks out as murder suspect’s bail is set at $3 million

SEATTLE — A grieving father speaks out three days after his son was stabbed to death in a link light rail station. This, on the day his son’s alleged killer has his day in court.

His widow and the rest of his family are living with the unthinkable.

Dennis Bellett said he wanted to thank the staff of Harry’s Fine Foods for the love and support they have shown his family.

But it is clear, he and Corey’s entire family are still grieving and still in shock.

“His brother’s going to be without a brother,” said Bellett, “and my wife and I are going to be without a son.”

It is the first time Dennis Bellett has spoken publicly since his son was viciously stabbed to death in the Capitol Hill light rail station late Saturday afternoon. Bellett says his son’s new life with his wife and the two dogs they just adopted has been shattered.

“And I came by here to express my gratitude to the Seattle restaurant community for supporting us in this very difficult time,” he said, his voice breaking.

Just how difficult was evident in a Seattle courtroom during the bail hearing for the 26-year-old suspect.

“I would really appreciate this bail be as high as possible, so this man does not get away,” said Bridgett Bellett, who sounded tearful.

His widow, watching on Zoom, pleaded with King County District Court Judge Jill Klinge to keep Sean Patrick Moore behind bars.

“I would really like some justice to make sure that happens, this $3-million bail or no bail whatsoever,” she said.

His mother made the same plea.

“We’re very concerned that this particular person could end up harming somebody else,” said Karla Bellett. “It seemed like a very vicious attack.”

According to court documents, surveillance video shows Bellett brush past the suspect in the link light rail station. An argument ensued. A man with Moore tried to intervene. But the fight continued. Then Moore reached into his pocket, the video shows, and pulled out what looks like a knife. Then repeatedly stabbed Bellett so viciously, even a Good Samaritan could not keep him alive.

His father has this message for the man who tried to save his son’s life.

“I’m a critical care registered nurse and the fact that you went forward to help my son, is unbelievable,” he said.

Now Dennis Bellett says he wants to thank that Good Samaritan who tried to save his son’s life. He’s asking that he come forward so that he can do it in person.

As for Sean Patrick Moore, the King County Prosecutor has until Thursday to decide whether to formally charge him with murder and with tampering with a witness.