At least 6 homes destroyed by wind-driven brush fire in Graham

GRAHAM, Wash. — A fast-moving fire in Graham charred close to 100 acres and burned down six homes.

Once Monday’s brush fire sparked, it was nearly impossible to slow it down.

“It was like a firestorm coming through here,” said Steve Richards, Assistant Chief Graham Fire & Rescue.

High winds fueled the fire and ignited dry grass, bushes and trees. It sent sparks flying from one building to the next.

“Probably as scared and frantic as I’ve ever been,” said Kyle Pierson, who evacuated his home. “The fireball was going through the tree line here and I could see it.”

The fire scorched six homes, ruined multiple shops and garages and turned cars into piles of charred metal.

“It’s terrifying,” said Moe VanBrocklin.

VanBrocklin has lived in the east Graham neighborhood for 15 years.

He’s one of 100 people who had to evacuate Monday night. Seeing the damage in the daylight almost brought him to tears.

“I could’ve lost everything,” he said.

The investigation is underway, but firefighters believe the fire began when a tree fell on power lines, causing a fire firefighters aren’t used to seeing on this side of the state.

“I’ve been here for 27 years and with that wind coming through last night I can’t remember a fire like this, this time of year, late into the season, with this kind of intensity,” said Richards.

Firefighters worry the neighborhood isn’t out of the woods quite yet. They plan to go through every burned building to hose down every ember.

We’re well into September, but the forecasted hot weather combined with hot spots could flare up flames again.