Kent police make arrest in attempted rape at bikini barista stand

KENT, Wash. — Kent police arrested a man Wednesday morning who was seen on surveillance video breaking into a bikini barista stand and abducting the barista at knifepoint before he attempted to sexually assault her outside.

Police were called to the Hottie Shots Espresso stand on 84th Avenue South at 4:45 a.m. on Tuesday for a report of an assault and attempted rape.

Surveillance video shows the suspect approach the window of the stand on foot.

He ordered a drink from the menu and as the barista worked on the drink with her back turned, the suspect opened the window, jumped inside the stand and pounced on the barista.

Police say the suspect forced her out of the stand to a nearby alley.

As the barista fought with the suspect, he was spooked by the vehicle headlights of a customer that pulled into the barista stand's drive-through and ran. Police said the man left in a dark sedan with black rims that was seen in the area just prior to the incident.

Watch video below; scroll down to keep reading. 

Investigators released the video Tuesday evening and then received multiple tips identifying the suspect.

“We want to thank everyone that called in and identified this violent offender; our streets are safer because of each of you,” said Detective Melanie Robinson.




Kent police arrested Michael Reynolds, 33, on Wednesday from a furniture warehouse, where he worked.

He was released from prison in September last year after serving a decade for robbery and burglary.

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The victim is a 30-year-old woman from Bonney Lake. She was treated for cuts and abrasions after the attack Tuesday.

Her co-workers believe the reason she survived the attack is because she resisted. "She is one strong woman," said Alix, a co-worker who visited the victim before her evening shift at the stand.

Alix says the boldness of the attacker, despite all the visible security cameras, is unnerving.

"We've been robbed a couple times as well," she said. "If somebody ever wants something in here, we assume it's the money. This was much more terrifying."

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Even veteran sex-crimes detectives were stunned by the surveillance video.

"The video is shocking to be quite honest with you," said Detective Melanie Robinson. "To hear her reaction, it's alarming. But somebody's going to know who this guy is. He's a coward if you asked me. Preying on vulnerable women such as this, he's nothing more than a coward."

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