Kent man killed inside his home after hiring couple to install water heater

KENT, Wash. — His family and friends describe 60-year-old Kuldip Singh as an extremely hardworking and generous man who is dedicated to his family and, recently, became a proud grandfather. They describe a man who had survived a tough bout with colorectal cancer after his final treatment in December.

Kent police said Monday night, Singh hired a man and a woman to come over and install a new water heater in the garage of his family’s home in exchange for cash.

Singh’s wife Pam Gill told KIRO 7 News the couple began to argue with Singh about the price of labor to install the unit.

At some point during the argument, Gill said one of the hired pair assaulted Singh and shoved him to the floor, where he was bleeding and not moving.

Gill said the couple then stole her husband’s wallet along with the cash he was offering, and they drove away.

Neighbors told KIRO 7 News their home surveillance cameras captured a video showing the couple’s vehicle leaving, and Kent police tracked the vehicle in East Kent. The man and woman, ages 31 and 27, were arrested.

The King County’s prosecutor’s office told KIRO 7 News the couple are being charged with theft and with more serious charges for the assault accusations, pending details from the investigation.

Singh’s family said he worked as a taxi owner/operator for 20 years, and he and his family were active in the religious community of Sikhs.