Justin Timberlake tour merch seller preemptively sues bootleggers at Climate Pledge Arena

SEATTLE — A tour merchandise company representing Justin Timberlake filed a lawsuit in Western Washington District Court Tuesday, looking to sue Justin Timberlake merchandise bootleggers outside his Climate Pledge Arena show in May.

Merch Traffic manufactures and sells licensed merchandise of musical acts, such as books, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and posters at concerts and stores.

One of those licensed acts, Justin Timberlake, registered his name as a trademark in the United States and has allowed Merch Traffic to sell merchandise with his name and likeness on them, including at the May 2 and May 3 concerts at Climate Pledge Arena.

According to the lawsuit, “bootleggers” will sell unauthorized merchandise of Justin Timberlake near the arena before, during, and after the show.

Merch Traffic notes that Justin Timberlake will also receive no royalties from these unlawful sales.

The lawsuit also asks the court to order U.S. Marshals, local and state police, or the sheriff’s office to seize and impound all bootlegged merchandise at the concert.

Merch Traffic is asking for damages to be determined by the court, costs, and attorney fees.

Similar lawsuits have been filed nationwide on behalf of other artists, such as Harry Styles.