Jill Biden tours Seattle’s Fred Hutch as part of ‘cancer moonshot’ initiative

SEATTLE — First Lady Dr. Jill Biden toured Seattle’s Fred Hutch cancer clinic on Friday as part of the Biden administration’s “cancer moonshot” initiative.

President Biden’s “cancer moonshot” operation hopes to vastly reduce cancer fatalities. The moonshot name was inspired by America’s goal of landing a person on the moon in 1969.

“Of all the things cancer steals from us, time is the cruelest. We can’t afford to wait another minute for better solutions, better treatments, better cures,” Jill Biden said on Friday.

During her visit, the research team showed Biden their progress toward treating metastatic breast cancer with the goal of improving survival rates.

“There are 18 million cancer survivors across our country, and thanks to the amazing work being done here, we are adding to that number each day.,” said Biden. “As I’ve traveled the country and the world – I’ve seen innovative programs and partnerships that are making progress. I’ve seen what is possible when we invest in cutting-edge research. And I’ve seen that there is so much hope to be found.”

The research program is supported by a grant from the Department of Defense.

Jill Biden also spoke at one of two private high-ticket fundraisers for the Biden reelection campaign in Shoreline. That event was $1,000 to attend, with additional suggested donations of up to $50,000.

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