Issaquah residents struggle with flooding and raging waters

VIDEO: Overflowing rivers leave part of eastside underwater

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Flooding in Issaquah had residents scrambling on Thursday.

Mark Chirico raced to save his property after a culvert gave way, along Issaquah-Hobart Road.

Chirico owns Seattle Paragliding and has his business and his home on the property.

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To get to his house, he crosses a little bridge. On Thursday what is usually a small trickle turned into a rushing river. It re-directed itself down his driveway and into his neighbors’ yards too.

He hadn’t seen it that badly since it flooded in 2009. Chirico showed KIRO-7 the levee he built up after the last flood.

“This is already coming through. When that goes, the whole creek is going to go right at my house.” He worked nearly 24 hours straight to try to protect his home, and was still at it Thursday night.

Across the street, the Bowmer-Vath family raced to save their newly remodeled home from water. They used sandbags and pumps to divert the water but still ended up with water in their downstairs.

“As long as I know we’re safe,” said Traci Bowmer-Vath. “We just finished three and a half year renovation.”

In downtown Issaquah at Front Street and Newport Way, Issaquah Creek flooded roads and apartment buildings. The Park Shore Apartments were surrounded by water. Eastside Fire and Rescue sent a swift water rescue team to the building to evacuate residents. Outside the building, the water was about 2 feet deep.

Eleven people were still inside and were escorted by firefighters along a rope.

Eastside Fire also evacuated residents and cut power at the Creekside Apartments. Water flooded several cars in the parking lot.