Issaquah man notices someone in his car while sitting on balcony, gets gun pulled on him

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — A man was sitting on his balcony in Issaquah on Monday when he noticed someone in his car. The man went to confront the person and was met with a gun, according to police.

As the young man was pointing the gun at the owner, another young man, also armed, approached him. The young man inside the car took off and fled on foot while the second young man got into a car that was waiting and took off.

The attempted car theft happened near Northwest Dogwood Street and Front Street North.

Officers said when they arrived, they found damage to the man’s car on the outer lock and ignition.

A K9 unit from Bellevue Police arrived, tracked the young man who fled on foot, and officers were able to determine he was likely picked up in the car by the second young man.

The Issaquah Police Department said they will continue to investigate and asked residents to call 911 before confronting someone.

“This was an example of a dangerous situation which rapidly escalated. We urge Issaquah residents to call 911 when witnessing anything suspicious,” said the IPD. “Being a great witness, while providing real-time information to our 911 call-takers, is very important. This will help keep all of you safe while, at the same time, providing suspect information to the officers responding to investigate.”

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