• Is safety improving at the King County Courthouse?


    SEATTLE - A growing number of attacks on jurors and staff at the King County Courthouse have forced those in charge to come up with a plan to not only make that area safer, but cleaner.

    It's an issue KIRO 7 has covered extensively.

    A few steps that have been taken to make people feel safer and more welcome in this area around the King County Courthouse are more police patrols and cleanup.

    But is it working?

    Tuesday morning, a KIRO 7 News crew saw just one tent at City Hall Park, but at times, there’s been many more tents and garbage.

    After complaints, tents have been removed more frequently and the area power-washed.

    At Tuesday’s meeting, an update is expected on the efforts to clean up the area of needles and makeshift bathrooms as well as the efforts to cut down on crime that has led to random attacks on jurors, court staff and windows being shot out several times.

    Seattle police say the area around the courthouse ranks at the top as far as problem areas in the city.

    Earlier this month, a Seattle city councilmember said trees in City Hall Park have been trimmed and the lights cleaned to make it brighter.

    There’s also a push to make it a green space where people can go to hang out.

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