‘If it sounds like we’re angry, we’re angry’: 6 WSDOT workers hurt by suspected DUI driver

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VANCOUVER, Wash. — Six Washington State Department of Transportation workers were just trying to do their jobs when a driver believed to be under the influence slammed into their trucks.

It was 9:40 p.m. on Sunday when the driver hit the vehicles while the team was repairing potholes on Interstate 5 in Vancouver.

The workers were taken to the hospital and are now recovering at home, according to WSDOT. The driver was arrested by troopers on suspicion of DUI and vehicular assault.

In a series of posts on the social media platform “X,” WSDOT expressed frustration and concern about the continuing problem.

“If it sounds like we’re angry…we’re angry. This happens too often. The people working on the roads are just that, people. They aren’t just vests & hard hats. They are people who want to do a good job & go home safely at the end of their shift,” one post said.

Another post reminded the community that WSDOT workers are “people with family, friends, co-workers who worry about them & want them to be safe.”

Though workers plan their jobs and set up safe work zones, it only takes one person to make a bad decision that could change lives forever, the agency pointed out.

“So PLEASE, if you don’t remember anything else about this, remember that those are REAL PEOPLE out there, and decisions to drink & drive, speed, check text messages, they have real consequences. Please do your part to keep road workers safe,” the final post said.