‘I mean, this is just nuts,’ neighbors in North Seattle neighborhood fed up with gun violence

SEATTLE — A wild shootout off Aurora Avenue and North 101st Street was all caught on surveillance video.

In the video, you see several people open fire at an SUV driving down the street, then hop into another car and follow the vehicle.

Seattle Police say they collected 30 shell casings at the scene and that multiple cars and homes were hit by the gunfire.

Piper, whose car was hit several times, says she and her fiancé had just got back from the Mariners game right after the initial shootout.

She says she initially believed someone had just broken into her car. Several other people off camera tell KIRO7 their cars were also hit.

“The hole is somewhere behind here, and then it goes through the backseat. The hole must be somewhere in the trunk,” Piper said.

Phil Roberts, who owns a property on the street, tells KIRO7 a bullet went right through his tenant’s kitchen window while they were inside.

He believes that gun violence in the area has gotten completely out of hand.

“I am just so grateful that she wasn’t in the kitchen at the time,” Roberts said.

It’s not clear what led up to this shooting, but those who have lived in the area for some time all tell KIRO7 they believe the source of the problem is right in front of the City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department.

“To be blunt, I mean, I’m assuming it’s kind of a turf war. But I don’t think it’s random people coming around just shooting around,” Mani, who heard the gunshots, said.

Roberts believes that if nothing is done soon to address the problem, it will only get worse from here.

“I know the girls are often times victims, too. But I don’t know if we are doing them any favors when we have people fighting over their livelihood or their turf they’re working in with machine guns,” Roberts said.

Seattle Police are investigating the situation. So far, no arrests have been made.

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