Here’s how you can help scientists limit spread of Asian giant hornets

Scientists are looking for participants interested in helping them understand and limit the spread of, as well as possibly get rid of, the Asian giant hornets in Washington state.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture is inviting anyone who is interested in trapping the invasive hornets.

Scientists want trapping information from Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan, Snohomish, King, Jefferson and Clallam counties.

Trapping season runs from July 1 to November. This is the time when worker hornets will become active.

“Given that we believe the numbers of queens are very low, trapping before July is unlikely to catch a queen, but will unnecessarily catch and kill local insects,” officials said.

The Asian giant hornets pose a serious threat to the region’s honey bees, other insects and humans.

Those who do not live in Washington state are being asked to not participate and to seek guidance about trapping Asian giant hornets in their area.

Officials warn people who are interested in trapping that any activity is performed at their own risk. The hornets can attack if they feel threatened, and there is a chance they will sting.

Anyone who finds an Asian giant hornet nest or has a hornet in your trap should report the location to WSDA immediately at 1-800 443-6684 or

For more information on how to get involved and to make your own trap, click here.