A happy end to a dog-napping from Seattle’s animal shelter

SEATTLE — A week ago today, a young, spry, and beautiful bi-eyed dog named Blue was stolen by someone visiting the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Blue, a striking Alaskan Malamute/Mix, is one of three husky mixes at the shelter.

However, he has the unfortunate distinction of being the only dog stolen in the shelter’s 16-year history.

“I really think it was just a random occurrence; there is no indication of that otherwise,” said the Animal Care Manager at Seattle Animal Shelter, Amanda Tattersall-Craft.

The shelter maintains a stringent adoption process. While walk-ins are welcome, those interested in meeting an animal must fill out an application, undergo an interview with a staff member, and provide identification.

The person who stole Blue followed the same steps, which led to their identification and subsequent report to the Seattle Police by the shelter.

Seattle Animal Shelter, committed to the safety and well-being of its animals, affirms its decision to maintain its current policies, ensuring the incident with Blue remains an isolated one.

As for Blue, here’s what happened after the suspect took him: according to the shelter, this “dog-napping” happened last Tuesday. The longer Blue was gone, the more concerned the shelter grew for his well-being.

Animal control officers and staff members started posting about Blue on social media.

Fast-forward to this weekend, over in Mercer Island, police officers responded to what they believed was a missing pet at the time.

According to the Mercer Island Police Department’s spokesperson, the officers posted about the lost dog on their social media accounts.

Users notified the department that the dog on their post matched the description of the missing dog from Seattle’s Animal Shelter.

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