Guests face continued delays and cancelations after grounding of MAX jets

It’s been a long week for Alaska Airlines and still, people are having to rebook flights because of the grounding of the Boeing 737-9 MAX jets.

This comes after a door plug flew off mid-air back on January 5th.

Passengers we talked with say they’ve been rebooked and a lot of that is fallout from the grounding of the MAX-9s’

The jets will remain grounded until at least Sunday.

That’s after a door plug popped off mid-air two weeks ago, leaving a giant hole in the plane.

“We were flying the same night the door flew off, but we were flying to Miami,” said passenger Karen Ruf.

Alaska Airlines has 65 of the planes and there are a few of them parked at Sea-Tac with engine covers on.

“On our trip back our first flight was delayed for three hours, and I think it’s because it was a 737-9 and I don’t know if that flight ever actually flew because we switched to an American Airlines flight,” continued Ruf.

Ruf was able to get her flight rebooked and is now heading back home.

But it’s for a different reason that Lindsey Mayhall is delayed by two days, she was supposed to fly from Sea-Tac to Hawaii on Wednesday.

“Our pilots that were flying us were about to reach their legal limit of flying without resting and they had been trying to find new pilots but couldn’t find any, so they turned us around and we landed here 8 hours later,” said passenger Lindsey Mayhall.

Mayhall says she hasn’t been able to get any answers from Alaska other than a new flight.

“I’ve been trying to call, and the wait time has been anywhere from 2-8 hours,” said Mayhall.