Frustrations continue after another day of canceled Alaska flights at Sea-Tac Airport

SEATAC, Wash. — Thousands of people have been stranded after Alaska Airlines grounded its entire 737 MAX 9 fleet. “Roughly 140″ flights were canceled today.

Around 140 flights were canceled on Monday, totaling more than 300 canceled flights in just two days.

And a lot of people aren’t coming to the airport after they learn their flights are canceled. But it does appear some who flew there to take connecting flights may be finally getting off the ground.

One grieving couple from Alaska has spent the last two days stuck at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. They arrived Saturday only to learn their connecting flight to Atlanta to join family members mourning the loss of their granddaughter was cancelled.

“That was our biggest question,” said Serena Stout. “Why didn’t they let us know when we were still in Anchorage that they were canceling the flight? Why we have to get to Seattle to find that out?”

And it has been an expensive layover.

“They only upgraded, gave us a hotel the first night,” said Ken Stout. “We had to pay for the second night, $200.”

“They gave us $12 in a meal voucher per person,” said Serena, with a tight smile.

The fallout from the near disaster on board Alaska Flight 1282 continues to plague thousands of Alaska’s passengers. All airlines have had to remove the Boeing 737 MAX 9 from service until they can be thoroughly inspected. The MAX 9 represents 20% of Alaska’s fleet.

In a statement, Alaska says the Federal Aviation Administration must still complete the inspection processes. Then Alaska must develop detailed instructions for its technicians.

Still, some travelers appear to finally be getting their wings.

“It did cost a great deal of money,” said Michelle Farner from Florida. “But on that return, I feel like they somewhat redeemed themselves.”

The Stouts say their flight to Atlanta has been given the green light, too, although this is not the last Alaska will hear from them.

“Yeah, we’ll file for a refund,” said Serena. “Hopefully that’ll go through.”

The pain for Alaska’s passengers likely isn’t over yet. The airline has said it could still be canceling flights through midweek.

The spotlight so far has been on Alaska, but soon it will shift to Boeing. After all, the MAX 9s were assembled and inspected at the Renton plant. The aerospace giant is planning to hold a company-wide safety meeting on Tuesday. They say more details will follow.