Frustration in Bonney Lake over sudden 'staggering' water bills

Tanner is among the people in Bonney Lake complaining about suddenly owing the city hundreds -- or even a thousand dollars more than their previous water bills.
"The shock and awe with the sewer and the water bills here, you think you're paying a new car payment," said Tanner, looking at a bill indicating he used more than double the amount of water he ever had before.
The city of Bonney Lake sent out letters to some customers suggesting they might have leaks. The letter also asked "have you recently filled a hot tub or swimming pool?"
Cindy Gilsing showed KIRO-7 her bill, which indicated she used 1,800 cubic feet of water last year, but this billing cycle, she used 6,100. One neighbor responded to Gelsing's NextDoor post, saying his bill, which was as high as $140, now has exploded to $1,200.
Bonney Lake officials did not return KIRO-7's calls Monday, but neighbors say they've gone to city hall and they were told the city has to pay for new water and sewer upgrades and maintenance. Customers told KIRO-7 they did not hear a reasonable explanation as to why so many bills calculated skyrocketing water use -- which in some cases, approached a 1,000 percent increase.
"A lot of people can't afford this bump and it takes away from putting food on your table," Tanner said, adding that he will attend Tuesday's city council meeting at Bonney Lake City Hall, where the council may vote on another water rate increase of four percent.
"We haven't consumed that much water, I can tell you that," said Tanner. "But they have the right to say that we did. Who do we fight? Where do we go?"
Bonney Lake City Council - Bonney Lake Justice and Municipal Center, 9002 Main Street East, Bonney Lake 
6 p.m.