Friends, family mourn innocent victims killed during murder suspect’s getaway

Two innocent victims were killed in a head-on crash over the weekend. Auburn police said it happened when a murder suspect was trying to flee the scene early Saturday morning.

According to police, the 25-year-old suspect shot his 28-year-old brother at Les Gove Park in Auburn, then sped away in a Porsche Cayenne at high speed. At 15th Avenue Northwest near state Route 167, the suspect crossed the center lane and crashed head -on into a Honda Accord.

Bobby Sisouvong, 27, and James Davis, 26, were in that Honda. Both died at the scene.

Their friends learned about their deaths over the weekend.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” said Jorel Deleon, a friend. “One minute they’re talking to you, and the next minute they’re not responding to your texts – it’s unreal,” he said.

“They went to get some Korean fried chicken in Federal Way,” said Mackenzie Shepherd, another friend. Sisouvong lived in Lacey, and Davis lived in Auburn. They were minutes away from Davis’ home when the crash happened at around 12:20 a.m.

“We talked every day,” Shepherd said. “It’s the last thing you’d expect to happen. All of a sudden, your daily group of friends just gets cut in half,” he said.

Both victims were part of a close-knit friend group.

They describe Sisouvong as someone who looked out for others, putting his friends before himself.

“He was one of those few very rare ones. He was just such a good guy, big heart,” said Sebastian Housh, another friend. Housh, Shepherd and Deleon were together with Sisouvong’s family on Monday, grieving.

“He always gave 100% to everybody, and that’s a piece I really loved about him,” said Jason Masters, another friend.

They describe Sisouvong as someone who loved to cook, go to comic-cons, listen to music and dance.

“He was a foodie. And a damn good chef too,” said Deleon.

They describe Davis as energetic, outgoing, and someone with a story to tell.

“He had this contagious laughter that anybody would start laughing. He found himself the funniest person alive,” Deleon said, laughing.

Davis had just got into UW Tacoma’s computer science program and was about to start classes this fall.

“It was all he wanted to do. He was focused on bettering himself and bettering his life,” Shepherd said. He said because of Davis’ motivation, he decided to go back to school this fall as well. The two were planning to room together in Tacoma.

As they cope with this loss, the friends are now trying to focus on the blessings.

“Just thinking that we as a friend group got to share those experiences with them, it’s just so meaningful and really fills my heart. And I’m really glad I got to meet those two. They were my brothers,” Housh said.

Family members have helped launch GoFundMe pages for both victims to help cover funeral expenses. You can support Sisouvong’s family here and Davis’s family here.

Auburn police said there was no chase that led up to the crash and that officers did not know about the shooting until a witness dropped off the victim at Auburn MultiCare, where he died.

The suspect was still in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center as of Monday. The suspect also had a 23-year-old female passenger in his car at the time of the crash. She is also at Harborview and is expected to survive. Auburn police said detectives are investigating what led up to the initial shooting.