Food prices hit highs ahead of holidays

SEATTLE — New numbers from the Consumer Price Index show it is getting more expensive to eat out and dine in, as food gets more expensive than it has decades.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the last 12 months, prices at restaurants have gone up 5.8% – a spike that hasn’t been seen since the early 80s.

During that same time frame, prices at grocery stores have gone even higher, a 6.4% increase – last seen in 2008.

A chart, created by Bloomberg, compiled data to put the spike into perspective with prices surging for almost every major food group.

Experts attribute the spike to the pandemic-prompted supply chain issues.

As grocers deal with higher costs for commodities, workers and transportation – so do you.

“I’m not happy, but what can I do?” said Debbie Adatto as she unloaded her groceries into her car outside of a Seattle grocery store. “I just have to adjust and kind of calm down, and budget.”

Based on current projections the price hikes will likely last into 2022.

The higher cost of food is part of a larger trend – Consumer Price Inflation hit a 39-year high following a 6.8% increase over the last 12-months.