Following protests, virtual school rally discusses issues of race and diversity

VIDEO: Virtual school rally discusses issues of race and diversity

SEATTLE — Following a summer of protests and riots, Founder and CEO of The Root of Us Fernell Miller, held a virtual student rally that addressed issues of race and diversity ahead of the new school year.

At the height of the virtual rally, 150 students across Washington joined in.

They gave their opinions on things such as diversity in schools, opportunities for minority students and having more diverse teachers in the classroom.

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"Not having other African Americans that have gone through similar experiences (of minority students) … it can affect students' chances of graduating, having a future," noted student Joshua Bindu.

“I should be represented in the books that I’m reading,” said student Pauline Lakoundji. “That’s why on campuses, I’ve made sure there are counselors of color, teachers of color, administrators of color.”

Issues of race and diversity were just two of several things covered.

There was also talk of mental health, funding for school police officers and LGBT issues within schools.

Students said they were grateful to have this public platform.

“I’m passionate knowing now of young people finally giving us that platform to voice our thoughts, and our pains and our needs,” said student Mesgana Teklu.

Organizers of the rally said so many people participated that another virtual rally is being planned and will happen at a later date.