‘Flying to Forever Homes’ initiative brings dozens of at-risk, adoptable animals to Seattle area

EVERETT, Wash. — A flight carrying some very precious cargo landed in Everett on Monday afternoon.

The Good Flights “Flying to Forever Homes” initiative brings at-risk shelter dogs and cats from overpopulated shelters in the south to regions like ours with a higher demand for pets.

“Down south, all the shelters are over-capacity, and without lifesaving flights like these … these pets would not make it out, and the shelter would have to make difficult decisions because they simply do not have enough space,” said Erin Robbins, Vice President of Pet Programs at Good Flights.

Organizers said Monday’s “touchdown” at Paine Field should be a score for pet lovers looking to provide a permanent home for animals who might not get adopted otherwise.

Seattle-based Greater Good Charities helped make the airlift happen.

The flight carrying about 130 dogs and cats from the New Orleans area stopped in Boise before heading to the Seattle area.

After landing in Everett, 33 dogs and 73 cats will be heading to shelters across the Seattle area, where they’ll have a second chance at finding a forever home.

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