Firefighter newlyweds: No gifts, guests asked to donate to stations

When two local firefighters got married recently, rather than register for wedding presents, they decided to do things a little differently.

Ileana LiMarzi and Jason Tucker, who got married on July 28, are both firefighters in the area. LiMarzi is a member of Local 2819 Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue and Tucker is a member of Local 3219 Marysville Professional Firefighters.

Rather than asking for gifts, the couple pledged to their guests that all cash gifts would be donated evenly between the 7th District Benevolent Fund and the Local 2819 Benevolent Fund.

The cash gifts totaled $1,500.

When asked why the couple decided to donate, LiMarzi sent KIRO 7 this statement:

“Jason and I feel so blessed in our lives and there was nothing we needed for our wedding except to share that day with our family and friends, but many people had asked what we'd like for a wedding gift. We've both been involved with our benevolent funds and have seen firsthand the wonderful work that they do. Our Fire Fighter Benevolent Funds not only help firefighters and their families, but also assist members of the community that are in need. It's not uncommon for the benevolent fund to step in after a fire in the community, for example, and help the families that were affected. It was an easy choice to split any monetary donations we received between our two groups and we thank everyone who gave so generously.”

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