Fife man robbed, murdered on his front porch when returning home for sister’s birthday

VIDEO: Fife man robbed, murdered on his front porch when returning home for sister's birthday

FIFE, Wash. — A Fife family is mourning the loss of their loved one after he was shot and killed on their front porch Wednesday night.

Family members identify the man as Nouman, 26.

“I need justice for my son, I need justice for my son, I need justice for my only son,” said Nouman’s mother. “I always describe him as my lucky charm, because he is, he’s my lucky charm.”

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Family members said Nouman had just returned home from buying his little sister a cake for her 21st birthday.

“It was my daughter’s birthday yesterday, it was on my daughter’s birthday,” said Nouman’s father.

Suddenly, two men appeared on their front porch.

“They follow him and they have him at gunpoint in front of our house. This is a safe neighborhood, this is not happening, I don’t know what’s going on in the world these days, but it’s just not at peace,” said Nouman’s mother.

Fife police said Nouman was followed home, robbed and murdered in a shootout.

“We do believe that, for whatever reason, our victim was targeted last night for a robbery. The incident went bad, with the victim being armed as well as the suspects. There was an exchange of gunfire,” said Dave Wood, Fife Police Department Assistant Chief.

After the shooting, the attackers fled. Police quickly tracked them down at a hospital in Auburn, where one of the suspects was being treated for a gunshot wound.

On Friday, police said the suspect was released from the hospital and was later booked into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of murder.

Both suspect have been booked in jail and police are not looking for anyone else involved with this crime, investigators said.

As investigators work to piece together the puzzle, Nouman’s loved ones continue to mourn. They said their son was loving, happy and helpful.

“Every time he hung up the phone he would say, ‘I love you mommy,’” said Nouman’s mother. “Somebody just took my son’s life. I just need justice for my son. He don’t deserve this, this is so senseless.”

Police said one of the killers is in custody at the Pierce County Jail and the second is in the hospital. Both men are expected to be charged with murder.