Family travels to Washington from Mississippi searching for loved one

“Somebody please help me,” Mable Morgan pleaded. “If you’ve seen my son tell him his momma is here.”

Morgan’s son, Andrew Morgan, has been missing for nearly 2 weeks.

His mother and her sister Blondie Mickel have left the warmth of Mississippi for the brisk air of Washington state as they search for the missing 30-year-old.

“He never respond nothing,” Mable Morgan said. “I had text him and he never responded nothing back.”

The two realized something had gone wrong when Mable Morgan received a notice in the mail that her son’s car had been impounded. That was when she and her sister jumped on a plane to search for him.

The Washington State Patrol said they located Andrew Morgan’s car, which had been abandoned near exit 80 off I-90 in Cle Elum. They said it had been in a minor crash.

In the woods, they found his clothes scattered in the snow. In his car, there were receipts of recent purchases including clothes from Marshalls and a meal at IHOP.

A lot of Andrew’s disappearance doesn’t make sense to his family.

“The car is way over there and those clothes are in the woods. I mean, why would he go in there and strip and leave his clothes in the snow?” Mickel said.

They also said he’s battling mental illness and that he can easily become confused and scared.

They don’t know what happened to Andrew but said they’ll stay in Seattle for as long as it takes to find him and bring him home.

“I’ve come too far to turn around and come back home without him,” Mable Morgan said. “If I have to take him back in a stretcher, I’ll just have to take him back in a stretcher, but I got to find my boy.”