Familiar scene after car rams cannabis store in Seattle’s SoDo

SEATTLE — In what has become a familiar occurrence, a car was used to break into a marijuana store early Tuesday.

At about 3:45 a.m., burglars in a black Hyundai sedan backed into Cannazone Seattle on First Avenue South near Walker Street, which is adjacent to a Starbucks in the SoDo area.

The storefront is in shambles, and the damage extends into the shop’s interior.

Surveillance video showed that the Hyundai backed into the store twice to break through. Five people clad in black then ran in, scooped up merchandise in their arms, and ran out within about 90 seconds.

“I’m just getting really sick and tired of this...it’s draining,” said store owner Julieth Jreige.

Each time a store is hit, the repairs can cost thousands.

“Our Edmonds store was hit twice, our Mount Vernon store got hit twice, this store got hit twice. What’s happening with these minors (is) there (are) no consequences, they just keep doing it,” said Jreige.

We were last at the store for an attempted burglary in October of last year. In that incident, the burglars were unable to get in.

“(It’s) so frustrating, it’s tough, it’s tough, makes me wanna get out of this industry. It’s getting harder and harder,” said Jreige.

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