Fallen officer’s brother offers compassion following friendly fire incident

VIDEO: Message of compasson given to fallen Bothell officer's training partner

BOTHELL, Wash. — As hundreds of law enforcement officers lined the streets of Bothell to honor fallen police officer Jonathan Shoop, a grassroots memorial continued to grow in his honor.

“He was our age.  He was young, he was starting out his career, and he really put a lot on the line,” said Caitlin Shaw, a visitor to Officer Shoop’s memorial.

“I look at someone like him and think, ‘could’ve been me,’” added memorial visitor Justin Marshall.   

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In an interview with KIRO 7 News, Officer Shoop's brother said his family is incredibly appreciative at the support from so many people.

“It’s about my brother, obviously, and it’s about the community of Bothell as well, and it’s a beautiful expression of that grief within the community,” said Evan Shoop.

A "community" that paid its respects along the very streets Officer Shoop patrolled.

On Friday, a who's who of law enforcement figures showed up to Officer Shoop's procession.

Evan Shoop told KIRO 7 his brother would be flattered by the tributes, yet he was never one to bask in the limelight.

“He’s the type of guy that’s wants things to be straight forward, he wants to get the job done,” Evan Shoop said.  “He didn’t want a whole lot of fuss, doesn’t want to be showy about stuff.”

Officer Shoop's family also had a message of compassion for his training partner, Mustafa Kumcur.

This week, an investigation found that Officer Shoop died from a friendly fire incident.

On Monday, July 13th, the two men were in a patrol car when a man named Henry Washington allegedly started firing shots at them, following a pursuit.

Officer Kumcur returned fire, striking Officer Shoop accidentally.

Yet Evan Shoop said the findings of that investigation change nothing for him.

“Jonny spoke about each one of his training officers as individuals and he appreciated different qualities, and there’s no difference for Mustafa.  He spoke incredibly highly of Mustafa.  He loved Mustafa, and so do I.”

Officer Shoop had only been on the force for 13 months.

Yet, judging from the tributes that continue to come in, his sacrifice will be forever remembered in Bothell.