Facebook bans Walla Walla sweet onions for being too sexy

Some say food is better than sex, but a seed company in Canada had to tell Facebook that it wasn’t suggesting its onions be used in the bedroom.

The Seed Company by EW Gaze said an ad for its Walla Walla sweet onion seeds was rejected for being “overtly sexual.”

While Walla Walla Sweets are delicious enough to make some people drool, there was nothing sexual about the ad, which simply showed a pile of onions in a basket.

A post by the company showed Facebook’s reason for the ad’s rejection: Products with overtly sexual positioning. Listings may not position products are services in a sexually suggestive manner.

“We got notified the other day that it’s an ‘overtly sexual image’ that they had to ban from the site,” Manager Jackson McLean told CBC Monday. “I guess something about the two round shapes there could be misconstrued as boobs or something, nude in some way.”

The company contested Facebook’s decision, and the ad has since been approved.