Experts offer advice on how to navigate a challenging job market

There are some expectations that the job market could soften this year. That could see unemployment rates rising, and we’re already seeing layoffs in certain areas, especially the tech sector.

We spoke to job experts about how to prep for a challenging job market, and where to be searching for jobs if you’re looking for one.

Nikita Gupta with CareerFlow.AI has been working to find people jobs, and she knows that while big tech firms like Amazon or Microsoft may not be hiring, other companies still are.

“There are still a lot of companies hiring and people as me how I can find those roles and opportunities,” she describes.

One key strategy is finding the companies that have recently been funded through venture capital or other means. Startups are just that -- starting up -- which means they often need new workers.

Gupta says that when it comes to these mid or startup-level companies, if they’ve closed funding rounds, that probably means they’re hiring.

“Don’t stick with the traditional websites -- you can check out Y-combinator or TechCrunch -- where a lot of startups are listing their openings,” she says.

Megan Slabinski with employment firm Robert Half deals with both employers and employees. She advises an approach rooted in networking.

“Tap into their professional network,” she says. “Who have they worked with in the past, who are colleagues they’ve worked with in other industries?”

She also notes that while pure tech jobs may be waning, other industries are still looking to scoop up talent.

“We’re seeing the tech employees who may have been negatively impacted by a head count reduction or a layoff are finding a job quickly,” she points out. “They’re re-entering the workforce in the technology sector, but also in other industries.”

Seattle’s job market may see some shifts when it comes to who is working where some people may be crossing the street from firms like Google and going elsewhere.

One of Slabinski’s colleagues at Robert Half, Josh Warborg, says tech companies made mistakes that may now benefit other firms.

“Some of these tech companies over-hired as we came out of COVID,” he says. “I think it’s important for people to know overall the job market is fairly healthy, so if they are facing layoffs, that in general they face positive outcomes.”